Work Together

1) Custom Apparel 

Introducing a new side of Loma Apparel that facilitates large orders of customized apparel!  We are now paired with a reliable manufacturer who can produce almost anything at a really reasonable cost.  We decided to use that relationship to form the new "Work Together" side of Loma Apparel.

Basically, if you need a large order of tees, knit shirts, hats, or anything else made for your organization or company, we would love to work together to make it happen.  Our minimums are around 50 and we don’t have a maximum.  Simply send us a design, what material you would like, along with quantities, and we can have it shipped to your doorstep.  It’s an easy process, and we don't mind taking care of all the details for you.

We know that relationships and authenticity are the reason Loma is here and we want to bring that into the marketplace.  Too often, you don't even speak to the person you order from, get the customer service you deserve, or know anything behind the scenes about the company creating your goods.  This way, we can change that, not just by continuing to stand by our commitment of donating 10% of our proceeds to non-profits, but also by making the process a personable one.

Email us at and get to know us!  Maybe we can help each other out. 


2) Collaborative Projects

If you want to work together on a project, just reach out!  We love supporting like-minded causes and want to see the message of adventure and giving back spread.  A great example of this was when we worked with a team of videographers to help put together an epic adventure! Check out there video here and if you want to hear more about how that came to reality check out this blog post 


3) Wholesale Orders

If you dig our gear and want to see it in your store just shoot us an email!  We want to spread our message of adventure and giving back, help us make that possible.  All inquiries just send a friendly email to